The first of its kind, Linko is a networking app that finally allows you to contact other vehicle owners through in app calls and messaging. It is FREE to download and works on IPhone and other smartphones.

Linko uses your phones internet connection and is accessible though 3G, 4G or WiFi to let you call or message other vehicle users.

Who We Are?

Have you ever been in a hurry to get somewhere but were unable to leave because another vehicle had blocked you in?

Have you ever left you car to get something from a shop only to come back and see the dreaded ‘parking ticket’ on your windscreen?

Have you ever forgot where you left your car then had to spend hours re-tracing your steps?

Key Features:

  • Data base with all the Vehicles registration plates in the UK
  • Call / message any vehicle owner with the app by entering the reg number
  • Find my car: Pin where you parked your car and the app will remember where you left it
  • Find parking space: Locates any local parking spots within your area
  • In-app garage: where you can store your vehicles and information about them. you can also set reminders for important dates such as MOT, tax, servicing + much more
  • DVLA Tax & Mot data for all UK cars, motorbikes and Vans